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Obama, Netanyahu On Collision Course 6 Years In The Making

By Julie Pace, Matthew Lee | Feb 28
For six years, President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been on a collision course over how to halt Iran's nuclear ambitions, a high-stakes endeavor both men see as a centerpiece of their legacies.

Dems Call GOP Homeland Security Strategy A Political Blunder

By Charles Babington | Feb 28
Democrats are losing some skirmishes over the Department of Homeland Security, but many feel they are winning a political war that will haunt Republicans in 2016 and beyond.

A More Inclusive CPAC :: Interview with ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp

By Justin Snow | Feb 28
When the Conservative Political Action Conference convened this week, Matt Schlapp had a message for gay conservatives: You are welcome here.

Ted Cruz Blasts "Unelected Judges" Ruling in Favor of Marriage Equality

By Justin Snow | Feb 28
Sen. Ted Cruz reaffirmed his opposition to marriage equality Thursday, while arguing that the only way Republicans can win is if they broaden their coalition.

Why Would GOP Candidate For Missouri Governor Kill Himself?

By David A. Lieb | Feb 28
Missouri's auditor, who fatally shot himself in an apparent suicide, had vowed to take down the state's most powerful politicians and donors, including his fellow Republicans, when he launched an anti-corruption campaign for governor last month.

Republicans Seek the Perfect Date (Read: Candidate) for 2016

By Nancy Benac | Feb 26
Let's say, for a moment, that America has given you the job of picking the perfect candidate for president. Good luck, Mr. or Ms. Voter, deciding what they've got to have - and what they can do without.

Aaron 'Downton Abbey' Schock Billed Private Planes, Concerts

By Jack Gillum and Stephen Braun | Feb 24
AP has found that in addition to allegations of impropriety in campaign fund use for rising star Republican congressman Aaron Schock, there also have been other expensive travel and entertainment charges, including for a massage company and music concerts

Obama Faces Left-Right Opposition on Trade, Military Force

By Charles Babington | Feb 24
Reps. Barbara Lee and John Fleming are highly dubious at best about President Barack Obama's requests for enhanced powers to make trade deals and to deploy the U.S. military. And that's like oil and water mixing easily.

I'm Gay and I Want My Kid to Be Gay, Too, Says Sally Kohn

By Winnie McCroy | Feb 24
Lesbian commentator Sally Kohn set tongues wagging this week when she wrote that she hopes her daughter grows up gay, like her.

Log Cabin Republicans Finally Get Official Place at CPAC

By EDGE | Feb 23
After years of being denied official participation in CPAC, it appears as though gay conservative group the Log Cabin Republicans will have a place at the table at this year's forum scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C.

1 thru 10 of 1661 Stories