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Anti-Gay Irish Marriage Group: Homosexuality Causes Cancer

By Jason St. Amand | Feb 26
Members of an anti-gay marriage group based in Ireland have been handing out pamphlets that claim gay men and women die younger than their straight counterparts, are susceptible to cancer and are more likely to abuse children.

South Korean Court Abolishes Law Criminalizing Adultery

By Kim Tong-Hyung | Feb 26
A South Korean court on Thursday abolished a 62-year-old law that criminalized extramarital affairs, and the stock price of a prominent condom maker immediately shot up 15 percent.

Obama Open to Changes to Military Authority Against IS

By Nedra Pickler | Feb 23
President Barack Obama is open to negotiating with Congress on his request for new authorization for military force against Islamic State militants, including his proposed three-year time limit on U.S. military action and the use of American troops.

Philippine Court Enters Not-Guilty Plea for US Marine

By Jim Gomez | Feb 23
A Philippine court entered a not-guilty plea Monday for a U.S. Marine charged with the murder of a transgender Filipino, who authorities say he killed after finding out her gender when they checked into a motel.

State Department Names First Global Envoy for LGBT Rights

Feb 23
The United States named its first international envoy for gay rights Monday, tasking a veteran diplomat with leading U.S. efforts to fight violence and discrimination against LGBT individuals overseas.

U.S. Protection of Gay Iraqis Questioned

By Heather Cassell | Feb 21
A dozen years after the U.S. invaded Iraq, the government is reluctant to let LGBT Americans know what it was doing to protect gay Iraqis at the height of the violence against them.

'Imitation Game' Introduces WWII Codebreakers to Audiences

By Philip Marcelo | Feb 20
The Oscar-nominated film "The Imitation Game" may fudge some of the facts and amp up the drama to appeal to Hollywood audiences, but there's still a lot the film gets right about the Allied effort to crack the German armed forces' sophisticated code.

Happy Ewe Year: Astrological Signs Bad for the Sheep Year

By Louise Watt | Feb 19
Chinese were seeing in the Year of the Sheep on Thursday, but with fortune-tellers predicting accidents and an unstable economy and some parents-to-be fretting over the year's reputation for docile kids, it wasn't exactly warming everyone's heart.

Women Show Brawn and Raise Funds at La Sharienne Dakhia

By Winnie McCroy | Feb 19
From February 24-27, women will show off their independence while raising funds for a good cause in La Sharienne Dakhia, an all-women race between the desert and ocean to help charities in the south of Morocco.

Pussy Riot 'Buried Alive' in New Music Video

Feb 18
Two members of the punk provocateur band Pussy Riot have released a new music video dedicated to Eric Garner, an unarmed man who was killed when a New York City police officer put him in a fatal chokehold.

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