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Jerry Mitchell :: Catch Him If You Can

by Jim Halterman
Friday Jul 31, 2009

Known for his choreography in Broadway shows like Gypsy (in 2003 with Bernadette Peters) and La Cage Aux Folles, for which he won the Tony, Jerry Mitchell is also responsible for the annual Broadway Bares show in New York City and his new Vegas show Peepshow. Originally from a small town in the Midwest, Mitchell has left quite an imprint on the world of entertainment with his talents but somehow found time in his busy schedule to talk to Edge’s Jim Halterman from Seattle where is he is previewing his latest musical, Catch Me If You Can.

A great sexy show

EDGE: I had to laugh out loud when I saw you were from Paw Paw, Michigan. I grew up in South Bend, Indiana...

Jerry Mitchell: Oh my God...

EDGE: ...and when I was a kid my family would drive to a lake in Portage, Michigan, we’d see the sign and yell "Paw Paw!" for no reason other than we were kids and it made us laugh.

JM: Oh, that’s very close to Portage. I grew up in Paw Paw and my Dad used to actually buy fruit in South Bend, Indiana and he traveled all over Southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana to buy fruit for Smuckers.

EDGE: And now your Broadway Bares just happened last month here in New York City. How did Peepshow come about?

JM: It will be the 20th anniversary of Broadway Bares next year but when I was in Will Rogers I created this burlesque show to raise money for Broadway Cares and about the tenth edition Scott Zeiger’s secretary was in it and she said "Oh my God! This is a really great, sexy show" and [Zeiger] was just getting his company together and starting shows in Vegas and she told him "You should do this show." Scott and I met and we’ve been pitching a show in Vegas for all these years and finally he had his foot in with Base Entertainment, his company, and they presented the show to Robert Earl, who wanted it in Planet Hollywood and that’s how it happened.


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