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Yigit Pura :: Top Chef Just Desserts’ winner (and sex symbol)

by Jim Halterman
Thursday Dec 30, 2010

While there may have been some question about how exciting a competition show could be about baking, all those questions were answered with the resounding success of the Top Chef spin-off, Top Chef Just Desserts. With all the drama, conflict and tension of its parent show, Just Desserts, hosted by Gail Simmons, brought not only great television but a strong gay presence in the form of several gay contestants.

While New York’s Zac Young brought a flamboyant flair with his dessert creations and now-infamous disco dust, it was out and proud Yigit (pronounced yeet) Pura that ended up walking away with the title of Top Chef, $100,000 awarded by Godiva Chocolatier, a feature in Food and Wine magazine, a showcase at the Annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival and a 2011 German Engineered Sport Injected Buick Regal.

EDGE talked to Yigit recently about winning the first season of the spin-off, being the emerging sex symbol of the show (and whether he’s single) and how he dealt with some of the aggressive homophobic rants of one of the runners-up in the competition.

Shell shocked

EDGE: First of all, congratulations on winning the first Top Chef: Just Desserts but also being the first out winner of any of the Top Chef winners!

Yigit Pura: Thank you, Sir. Well, I think Top Chef has had a few gay contestants but they were never comfortably out, which is a shame.

EDGE: How has it been since you won the competition?

Yigit Pura: It’s been a shell shock in many ways. Even half way through the show a lot of people had been coming up to me and people had recognized me on the street, which has always been very nice but now people are even more excited.

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