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Book Review :: Dream Land: The True Tale Of America's Opiate Epidemic

By Steve Weinstein | Jun 21
If this narrative of how doctors' sincere need to relieve pain collided with Big Pharma's marketing machine and street heroin doesn't entirely succeed, it's chilling enough -- and then some.

Book Review :: A Place Called Winter

Jun 14
One of Britain's most prolific gay writers, Patrick Gale reaches across the Atlantic to re-imagine the story of his own great-grandfather, who took to the wilds of territorial Canada to escape a repressive if putatively more civilized Britain.

Book Review :: Eyrie

By Christopher Verleger | Jun 13
A disgraced environmentalist sacrifices his own recovery and endangers himself while helping a friend from his past in Tim Winton's nail-biting novel.

Book Review :: Stella Brings the Family

By Terri Schlichenmeyer | Jun 7
Head-on, and with no fuss, author Miriam B. Schiffer deals with an issue that's actually been around for a long time: What happens when a celebration occurs and a child is absent the "right" parent to laud?

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Dancer

By Kitty Drexel | Jun 6
An underdog turned hero of ballet, McCann's novel is a beautifully written, fictional account of non-fictional events from the perspectives of the people who knew him.

Book Review :: Strange Bodies

By Danielle Behrendt | Jun 6
Months after Dr. Nicholas P. Slopen is pronounced dead, he wanders into his ex-girlfriend's shop. After dying a second time, he leaves a flash-drive in her house that tells his remarkable story.

Book Review :: Intimacy Idiot

By Michael Cox | Jun 4
In this debut collection of scattered stories, poems, diary entries, lists, scenes and at least one recipe, the author hungers for a man to complete and fulfill him, and in the process he absorbs and exhales the world around him.

Book Review :: The Gardens of Luciano Giubbilei

By Michael Cox | Jun 2
In the reissue of "The Gardens of Luciano Giubbilei," the photographs are so opulent and the text is so detailed you can feel the tranquility of strolling through these gardens even if you're simply sitting in you den.

Book Review :: The Best-Kept Boy in the World: The Life and Loves of Denny Fouts

By Kyle Thomas Smith | Jun 1
No sunlight exists between muse and hustler in Arthur Vanderbilt's new biography on Denham Fouts, an Adonis who crawled out of the Florida swamplands to captivate some of the 20th Century's most notable literati and glitterati.

Book Review :: Closet Queens: Some 20th Century British Politicians

By Lewis Whittington | May 28
Bloch builds the provocative thesis that gay men in politics of the era were specifically suited for the deceitful, trap-door world of British politics.

13 thru 22 of 2380 Stories