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Book Review :: Kim Kardashian Selfish

By Jason St. Amand | May 7
Kim Kardashian's new photo book "Selfish" is full of hundreds of selfies. On paper, the book sounds ridiculous, and fuel for the Kimmy K haters -- but the book reveals itself to be something much deeper than an Instagram account, and is actually moving.

Book Review :: My Body Is Yours

By Bill Biss | May 6
Learning to feel comfortable in your own skin and the openness to share personal, profound and intimate details of his life is at the heart of Michael V. Smith's memoir "My Body is Yours: A Memoir."

Book Review :: God Help The Child

By Kyle Thomas Smith | May 5
Toni Morrison's new novel revisits the tragic effects of racism and shadism that haunt her inaugural novel, "The Bluest Eye."

Book Review :: A Buzz In The Meadow

By Daniel Scheffler | May 4
Set in rural France, a look at biodiversity with bees at the lens.

Book Review :: Beauty's Kingdom

By Kitty Drexel | May 2
This is the fourth book in Anne Rice's erotic, BDSM-heavy retelling of the "Sleeping Beauty" fairy tale.

Book Review :: It's Not Over

By Kilian Melloy | Apr 28
Would a Supreme Court victory for marriage equality be the end of our civil rights journey? Or is marriage only one crucial piece in a much larger puzzle? Michelangelo Signorile thinks it's the latter case, and in his new book he makes a compelling case.

Book Review :: Untangling the Knot

By Jim Piechota | Apr 19
As the United States Supreme Court nears its pivotal decision on marriage equality, tensions are running high and opposition to a supportive outcome has reached ludicrous proportions. This book cuts through the noise.

Book Review :: Smash Cut

By Christopher Verleger | Apr 14
Model turned writer Brad Gooch pays tribute to his art and life with filmmaker Howard Brookner, circa the '70s and '80s, in this poignant memoir.

Book Review :: The American People Volume 1 - Search For My Heart

By Steve Weinstein | Apr 7
It's sad to report that, after 30 years of research and writing, this well-known AIDS activist's satirical gay take on U.S. history is a total disaster, a misshapen, unreadable hot mess.

Book Review :: Sixty Nine - Joyful Gay Sex Featuring Cockyboys

By JC Alvarez | Apr 6
That fantasy you've been indulging in comes to life in the photo narrative "Sixty Nine - Joyful Gay Sex," featuring the Cockyboys in all their glory. Colorfully cheeky and enthusiastically erotic.

13 thru 22 of 2360 Stories