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Book Review :: In Light of What We Know

By Daniel Scheffler | Mar 18
Set during the war and financial crisis that has shaped the beginning of this century, this book is an intelligent adventure across class, race and ideals.

Book Review :: Dead Wake - The Last Crossing Of The Lusitania

By Phil Hall | Mar 18
A mostly successful history of the doomed final voyage of RMS Lusitania in 1915.

Book Review :: Delicious Foods

By Danielle Behrendt | Mar 17
After her husband is murdered, Darlene's addiction to crack leads her and her son Eddie to an illusory farm where they become trapped in the terrifying underworld of modern slavery.

Book Review :: Frank: A Life in Politics from the Great Society to Same-Sex Marriage

By Kilian Melloy | Mar 17
Former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank weathered scandal, Republican smears, and -- perhaps most notably, given that it happened mid-career and during highly homophobic times -- coming out of the closet. He talks about all of it in his new memoir.

Book Review :: Bettyville: A Memoir

By Daniel Scheffler | Mar 14
A son returns home to take care of his aging mother.

Book Review :: Beefcake: 100% Rare, All-Natural

By Michael Cox | Mar 4
This 256-page collection, printed on the finest paper, is something that a sophisticated gay man can proudly display on his coffee table or keep beside the lotion and tissues on his nightstand.

Book Review :: Mount Terminus

By Daniel Scheffler | Feb 24
A Los Angeles dream within a dream.

Book Review :: Louse

By Daniel Scheffler | Feb 24
An Orwellian fantasy of slave and master.

Book Review :: How To Grow Up

By Kitty Drexel | Feb 17
This autobiography is a memoir recounting Tea's uneasy transition from child-adulthood into adult-adulthood.

Book Review :: Between These Walls

By Christopher Verleger | Feb 11
A closeted Christian male cannot resist acting upon long held desires when he meets a fellow Christian with the same tendencies in John Herrick's uplifting romance novel.

13 thru 22 of 2342 Stories