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Best Orgasm Ever With Jenny Block's New Book, 'O Wow'

By Winnie McCroy | Jul 30
July 31 is National Orgasm Day, and EDGE contributor Jenny Block's new book "O Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm" can help you reach your best-ever, ultimate orgasm.

Lost Dr. Seuss Story Debuts

Jul 29
The newly-discovered story "What Pet Should I Get?" by Dr. Seuss comes out.

Are You There, God? It's Me, Gay Margaret

By Andy Smith | Jul 25
Where were these coming-out books when we were gay kids?

The Strange Works of Gay Erotic Author Chuck Tingle

By EDGE | Jul 21
Meet the author of such books as, "Space Raptor Butt Invasion," "My Ass is Haunted by the Gay Unicorn Colonel" and "I'm Gay For My Living Billionaire Jet Plane," Chuck Tingle.

Plaintiff in Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling has Book Deal

By Hillel Italie | Jul 21
The lead plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case that made gay marriage a nationwide right has a book deal.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Adult Coloring Books

By Beth J. Harpaz | Jul 17
Adult coloring books are giving Harper Lee a run for the money on best-seller lists this summer.

Harper Lee's Town Joyful, Anxious Over 'Mockingbird' Sequel

By Kim Chandler | Jul 14
Author Harper Lee's hometown of Monroeville buzzed with excitement for the Tuesday release of her novel "Go Set a Watchman," the sequel to the Pulitzer Prize-winning "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Kirk Cameron 'Stars' in Gay Erotic Fan Fiction

By EDGE | Jul 13
A 'pray-the-gay-away' summer camp, a hybrid creature made of parts duck and crocodile and a former 1980's teen heartthrob turned full-time homo-hater: add in all of this, plus chaos magic and lots of gay sex and you have "Kirk Cameron & the Crocoduck."

Ala Hometown Of Harper Lee Abuzz Over New Book

By Jay Reeves | Jul 11
As an owner of the only secular bookstore in Harper Lee's hometown, Spencer Madrie figured he'd sell hundreds of books - maybe more - after the stunning announcement that the author was releasing a sequel to her 1960 blockbuster "To Kill a Mockingbird."

2015 Summer Reading List

By Mike Halterman | Jul 4
Be sure to take a book with you the next time you can fit the beach or the pool in to your schedule. Get some sun and catch up with some very engrossing reads!

1 thru 10 of 609 Stories